We know you have questions and we have answers.

We compiled this list of general questions and answers, in hopes that that we can clear up the basic questions you may have about AAVS and it’s services.

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What line of speakers do you recommend?2019-03-28T13:31:02-05:00

When it comes to speakers, or any AV for that matter, we do not believe in a one size fits all solution. Every assignment is different, and usually allow several solutions to be considered.  A site visit would be required to make the proper recommendation for your space. Contact Us to schedule a visit.  We have a pre-meeting checklist of topics to make your meeting preparation very easy. Click to view our Checklist

What lines of equipment does your company provide?2019-03-28T14:21:19-05:00

First, please understand that we are agnostic on brands.  We have no “favorites” or dedicated product vendors. All hardware is sold at net cost (no commissions or mark ups) and we work hard to get you the lowest discount rate. Second, we want to find the right equipment for your situation.  We are trained in the pro/cons of various brands and understand which components can work well with others…or to anticipate when they will not. In short, we seek to optimize both the system performance and your budget.

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Where are you located?2019-02-13T13:57:15-06:00

Our base of business operations is Covington, LA.

We can provide same day/next day service throughout the Gulf South region.

Does AAVS allow customer labor on a project?2019-02-15T08:37:59-06:00

No. Due to our insurance guidelines, we are prohibited from using labor from anyone outside of our workforce.  We will work diligently to provide training to your staff and AVL operations team after our install is complete. Your team will be very comfortable with how to use the equipment. We want you to Experience the Power of Simplicity.

Does AAVS provide sound and lighting services to regional clients?2018-07-02T12:42:19-05:00

Yes. We love to travel and help anywhere we can. We have a wide range of services that we can offer to any client, wherever they are located.

Do you have technicians that can train clients?2019-02-15T08:36:25-06:00

Absolutely. Watching our clients grow in confidence on their own AV system is something we love to see.  We want you to experience the power of simplicity.

What industries does AAVS provide services for?2019-02-15T08:39:45-06:00

Our expertise is with Houses of Worship, Educational spaces, Commercial buildings and Industrial environments. We have also routinely provided AV solutions for restaurants, shopping centers and Urgent Care facilities. Call us for references.

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Are you insured?2019-02-15T08:40:58-06:00

Absolutely! We carry General Liability and Worker’s Comp.  We supply documentation to you prior to the job and/or upon request.

Does AAVS offer a warranty?2019-02-13T12:38:17-06:00

Yes! We offer a one-year warranty on our workmanship along with standing behind the warranties that are offered by the companies we are dealers for.  In short, our work is not complete…until YOU tell us it is finished.  We pride ourselves in excellence in training your staff and team after the install.

AAVS also offers a price match guarantee: we will match any price quote you receive from an authorized dealer. We get paid for the services we deliver, not the hardware you purchase.  There is no mark up and we seek to provide you with the most competitive price possible.

What guarantees will AAVS provide?2019-02-13T12:51:46-06:00

Every client gets three guarantees from us:

  1. We guarantee to get you the best available pricing. We are experts at sourcing equipment and pass all savings and discounts to you.  We will match any price quote that you get from an authorized dealer.
  2. We guarantee you will be happy. Our work is not finished until you say it is. We make things simple. We make things work.
  3. We guarantee you’ll be well trained. We work with your operations team to make absolutely sure they can use the equipment and make adjustments to achieve the desired results in your AVL presentations. We make you the PROs.
How do i know what i will need?2019-02-15T08:43:41-06:00

That’s an excellent question – and frankly, worthy of time and consideration. Sometimes, the best solutions are not those choices which are immediately obvious.  Changing the specifications of a sub-woofer could drastically change the size of number of speakers needed.

We offer an AVL health check.  For one fee, we come to your site and check out all of your equipment.  We will advise you on what needs a tune up… or describe how long you have until additional maintenance will be needed. As part of that service, we can also determine what new equipment may be needed or beneficial to your existing system.

Consider using our pre-meeting Checklist to make planning easier. [click here to print the PDF]